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We are North America’s Imago Relationship Experts.

As highly trained and dedicated therapists, workshop presenters and facilitators we help our clients achieve their relationship goals on a daily basis. We are passionate about guiding our clients to connect and discover life and love as it truly can be. We value human connection and understand we need for ourselves what we offer our clients - connection, connection, connection. Which is why we created our very own website that connects, supports and values the North American Imago Relationship expert.


What Makes our Website Different?

It’s NEW and all about YOU! We are here to promote, support and develop Imago Relationships North America. Through innovative marketing strategies and cutting edge tools, we are building a strong and cohesive community. Say goodbye to the days of an email box full of spam, as our new website allows you instant messaging contact with your North American colleagues. You’ll also have full access to educational resources developed by fellow Imago Relationship clinicians, all cataloged and easily accessible for your convenience.


Our Promise to you.

We are here to support and promote YOU in your day to day business with our state of the art tools and marketing strategies that will streamline your connection, communication and growth. Our amazing group of therapists, facilitators and workshop presenters can now connect deeper by creating a place where Imago Relationship professionals will thrive for generations to come.

Imago Relationships North America

Join us in Growing Imago Relationship Programs
Be a part of the growth. Contribute to your community. Help connect, communicate, promote and reinvigorate Imago Relationships.








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Designed for:

New Professional: must be in the first year of employment after graduation or joining for the first time

Student: must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program

Retired: must have held regular or professional membership for a minimum of 10 years before becoming eligible and retired from the field

Bronze Profile
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Access to ImagoConnections:
Online web based resource and connection tool (Like ImagoShare, but better!)
Access to Digital Resource Library  
Reduced IRNA Sponsored Event Fees 20% 10%  
Governance Participation
(nominating, consenting, and making proposals)
Access to Website Templates to use for your own website    
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Create events, groups, and seminars listings on calendar    
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