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Transform your relationship by attending one of our Imago Relationships workshops in North America. We have a large network of certified therapists and facilitators that will help you connect deeper in all of your relationships. You can explore our workshop topics and speak directly with our Imago Relationships professional to sign up.


Our highly trained Imago therapists and facilitators are passionate about helping you and your partner create a relationship full of growth, healing and love. We offer many types of workshops, so take the time to put you and your relationship first.

Getting the Love You Want Workshop for Couples

Imago teaches that relationship power-struggles are an opportunity for healing and growth and can establish a deeper connection in couples. When you learn how to move through conflict with compassion and empathy, disagreements in your relationship evolve into something deeper and more fulfilling. 

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Keeping the Love You Find

Whether you're single, divorced, widowed or in a committed relationship our safe and supportive workshop provides the opportunity to explore yourself, uncover negative patterns and develop healthier and more successful relationships.

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Start Right Stay Connected

Imago teaches that couples are more successful in their marriage when they first attend a marriage preparation course or premarital counseling. Research shows that when couples have the opportunity to address their concerns early on, they are more likely to have a happy and lasting relationship.

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"My wife and I were separated for several months. We have come together again as a family. After this weekend, I feel more confident and clear about our future."
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Outside of North America?

Imago networks can be found all around the world. Over two thousand Certified Imago Therapists can be found in nearly 60 countries.

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