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7 ways to practice self-care during a crisis.

Self-care refers to things done by you for your own well-being and comfort and is particularly important to help transition during times of crisis. Self-care can literally change your brain, making it less hospitable to depression and more welcoming to feelings of well being.

  1. First, do no harm. This is not the time to finish that heated discussion with your spouse, lash out at anyone, or confront a colleague. Just wait.
  2. Let time do its job. Painful emotions are temporary because they pull us into a regressed state, we get deceived by the childhood feeling that “this is forever.”
  3. Ask for help. Even good parents get assistance for their children. Talk openly to trusted friends or to a therapist.  
  4. Take a warm bath and have a cup of chamomile tea. It’s a one-two punch.
  5. Dance with yourself. Put on your favorite dance song and move—large, active movements—even if you’re not in the mood. Watch what animals do after a fight or a scare. They shake it off. Dancing is a powerful way to shake off distress.
  6. Activate your self-soothing system -  gently patting your cheek with your hand or lightly rubbing your chest over your heart.
  7. Sit by a fireplace or outdoor fire-pit. Enjoy watching the flames and the warmth.

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